Party Edit 4

The Party Edit Crew is at it again. These jokesters have been shredding all over Florida the last couple months and have the footage to prove it. Edited by Logan Hursh.

19 Responses to “Party Edit 4”
  1. Jake R says:

    Marcus…. Holy shit man. You are KILLING it!

  2. Jake R says:

    Over all my favorite edits to watch! Everyone shredded.

  3. Matt e says:

    Well that just made my day better. Boys killing it!!!

  4. Jeff says:

    Logan big willie style killin it! party edit crew so sick gets better every time!

  5. JCoffey says:

    yeah marcus! killing it!!

  6. TA says:

    Get it Clint. Nice edit guys. Hammers.

  7. BoobMasta says:

    Dude sick video everyone killed it. Logan is the best gaywad editor I’ve ever seen! Oh and Marcus I fucked Robbyn.

  8. AncientEnt says:

    Suwannee yewww

  9. triggamike says:

    marcus killin it!!!!!! styles gettin wayyy better

    kellyin it boys! kellyin it

  10. Chase says:

    I love you frye.

  11. 863moneymanstreetkilla says:

    that shit shit was so fun!! had me dancing n shit!

  12. ben says:

    fry kicky down 441 was sick!

  13. Droptop says:


  14. Well then smoke it says:

    Ok okay boys roll another one cause daddy smoked the first one

  15. Top Drop says:

    PEC > Droptop any day of the week!!! droptop + kook = BT

  16. Tanya says:

    Nice job, represent FLA.

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