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2013 Reader’s Choice

Readers Choice Top 12

After over a thousand voters in one week, we have come to a group of finalists for the 2013 Reader’s Choice. From hometown hero’s, to internet ambassadors, contest junkies and sewer kids, there where a group of dudes who separated themselves from the pack. So to spice up the competition, we narrowed the list down to the top 12 contenders who had a commanding lead in the polls. We’ve added their best video parts, links to web edits, and a brief summary of why each rider deserves to be on the list. We are giving you a chance to cast your vote one last time to help pick 2013’s Wakeskater of the Year. We thank you all for your support! Here is your Top 12 in no particular order:


Clement DePremonville
Hometown: Toulouse, France
Age: 18
Sponsors: Southern, Soruz, Republic, Electric
Highlights: Placed 5th at Battle Falls, Hosted Channel 13 Toe Jam, Hell of a Rookie Year in the States, sacked the most rails, put out the most video parts. The kid is basically on fire and has the personality to boot.

More Video:


Braden Ioi
Hometown: Toronto, Canada 
Age: 20
Sponsors: L13
Highlights: Full time winch ninja! Kills the web edit game, made a scene at Toe Jam, keep an eye out for the young buck he’s comin’ up quick!

More Video:


Jeff Skulnik
Hometown: West Palm, Florida
Age: 28
Sponsors: Virtue 
Highlights: Builds boards then shreds the shit out of them! South Florida Hometown hero building a huge following for his brand. Dude puts in serious work for wakeskating and has one of the best attitudes in the game, definition of a true.


Andrew Fortenberry
Hometown: Anna Maria Island, FL
Age: 21
Sponsors: Obscura, SPY, DVS
Highlights: 3rd at Retention and Toe Jam Boat Champ. Landed a pro model with Obscura, crazy sick web video part!

More Video:


Nick Taylor
Hometown: Anna Maria Island, FL
Age: 24
Sponsors: Remote, O’neill, Nike, Rockstar, Sea-Doo, Republic
Highlights: Won Suwannee Pro, mind melting part in Good Ratio, tons of winch trips, and still somehow finding time to spend half the year on surf trips!

More Video:


Andrew Pastura
Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio
Age: 24
Sponsors: Nike, Water Monsters, Dragon, Sea-Doo, Distortion, Leatherman
Highlights: Overall Tour Champ, Won Toe Jam, No-Brainer


Josh Zentmeyer
Hometown: Groveland, FL
Age: 24
Sponsors: Remote, Aquarium, Etnies, Ambush, Anenberg
Highlights: Fucking Killing it! Two sick video parts, traveled the world, podium at contests, all on a peanut-sized travel budget, chomping at every chance he can get!!

More Video:


Ben Horan
Hometown: Nahunta, GA
Age: 24
Sponsors: Nike, Remote, Ambush, Sea-Doo, Aquarium, Rockstar
Highlights: He’s Ben Horan! 1st place Retention, Good Ratio Closer, his B-sides part is better than most, winch trippin’ for days, produced Fun Razor and has a full video part.

More Video:


Reed Hansen
Hometown: Groveland, FL
Age: 23
Sponsors: Fox, Ronix, Supra, Performance, Rockstar 
Highlights: Murdered the tour, 1st place Battle Falls, boat, cable, winch, dude is an ATV for sure!

More Video:


Austin Pastura
Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio
Age: 18
Sponsors: Water Monsters, Nike 
Highlights: Podium at Suwannee Pro and Battle Falls and put out a heavy part in Human Rocket.

More Video:


Danny Hampson
Age: 25
Stance: Regular
Hometown: Plantation Key, Florida
Sponsors: Obscura, Oakley, DVS, Yamaha, Supreme Boats
Highlights: Was on an all out filming, contest, traveling, wakeskate marathon Dude was everywhere this year!

More Video:


Aaron Reed
Age: 32
Stance: Regular
Hometown: Stuart, Florida
Sponsors: Obscura, Monster, Oneill, DVS, Performance, TSR
Highlights: Filmed one of the most creative video parts ever, LEGEND STATUS!


Total Voters: 810

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99 Responses to “2013 Reader’s Choice”
  1. Kurt says:

    Danny Hampson
    won Nationals this year


  2. Mary says:

    Aaron Reed — WOW!!!

  3. Lane says:

    The guy with the amazing mustache!!!!!
    ✅AARON REED. Watch his talent & video!

  4. Don Z says:

    Pull the line!

  5. Neckbeard says:

    Who did the most nosegrinds?

  6. Max Fuerst says:

    Where is Matt Hooker!!!!???? He had my favorite part in Good Ratio!! Vote for Hook Steez!

  7. kimbere says:

    I vote for Jeff Skunki

  8. I don't wakeskate says:

    Everyone are winners!

  9. ben says:


  10. Paula says:

    Ricky Cataldo won junior men Wakeskate British nationals, Ricky loves to skate all day everyday given the chance

  11. Paula says:

    Meant to say can you add him to the list please

  12. Paula says:

    Add Conor Floyd too, he and Ricky are the young ones coming through. Young new blood to carry to sport forward

    • Ben says:

      These riders have not just been picked at random from a mass of wakeskaters, they’re on the list because they’re some of the best in the world, smashing out banging videos, international contest results, and were voted for by the wakeskating public. Also consider the number of extremely talented skaters who didn’t make the list, including the very best of the UK skaters.

  13. Jan says:

    Clement!! Sickest Tricks , highest Pop!

  14. Grafizt says:

    Clem…. Toulouseeeeeee !!! ^^

  15. nick says:

    nick taylor kills it

  16. Tony says:

    My boy Braden ioi reppin for Canada. This man takes any opportunity he can to get out there and do his thing. Hardworking kid, great videographer.

  17. Jake says:

    Jeff Skulnik!!!!!!!

  18. Seth says:

    For hard work and dedication to the sport, Jeff Skulnik all the way

  19. Gus says:

    Aaron Reed!

  20. keithlant says:

    Let’s think about this one for a second, who switched board sponsors in the most respectable way, built a wonderland for all to enjoy and then released a new refreshing video part. Overall I feel like nicky t has accomplished the most in 2013

  21. CPT says:

    Skulnik…..he goes HAM!

  22. Deal says:

    Jeff Skulnik!!!!!

  23. Sharon Smith says:

    Best of luck!

  24. Dale says:

    Dieter Humpsch is the sickest around!

  25. Taylor says:

    Vote Braden!

  26. lauren says:

    Bray all the way

  27. Austinpastura says:


  28. James says:

    Long live the KING ! Switch flipping everything

  29. Matthew Lang says:

    I wish I could vote for everyone. I started getting into wakeskating in 2006, and I have been hooked ever since. I am an action sports photographer and to watch and shoot this sport is one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Everyone in the scene is very cool, friendly, and supportive. It means so much to me to see what the sport has become over the years. Right now these videos represent was has become one of the most amazing sports ever. This should be on the Summer X Games every year. The level of riding and the joy of the riders coming together for filming trips or contests, everyone feeding off each other and the riding is so good. I am so proud of all the media, sponsors, and most of all the riders for making wakeskating what it is today. I look back upon the first wakeskating I ever saw, vids from when it all started with Scott, Tom, Arron, legends, to what it is now. Everyone has come so far and I look forward to many years to come of amazing wakeskating and hopefully documenting it with my work anytime I can. I wish everyone good luck in the contest, but you are all absolutely amazing riders. Hope to see you guys in Florida soon. Happy Holidays! Sincerely, Matthew Lang – A Shore Shot Photography

  30. moin says:

    good job nick taylor!

  31. MLJ says:

    All the contestants are great…and deserving! In casting my vote, final decision goes to AARON REED–
    He is one of the Legends of the Sport….& STILL going strong! WOW!

  32. Frye says:

    Does Andrew really ride for Leatherman?! Badass!

  33. Lollar says:

    Jeff, Aaron, Danny, Andrew, and Nick are all #1 in my heart <3

  34. ty stern says:

    thanks for the decks in jersey it put us on the tour

  35. Jake says:

    Josh Z’s got pop!

  36. PALMER says:

    Has everyone forgot d ray hampson ??

  37. Frank says:

    Reed Hansen– Original, real and great!!

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