Oskar Gejler: Thailand

Looks like Thailand is the place to be these days? Or is it the Philippines??? Ah who gives a shit… Oskar Gejler is comin up quick better watch out.


11 Responses to “Oskar Gejler: Thailand”
  1. dewd says:

    Wait was that an inward heel or a v flip??? because it looked like an inward heel

  2. dewd says:

    Down the drop

  3. chris c says:

    stoke stoke stoke

  4. Tre flip says:

    Tre flip

  5. Tre flip says:

    2:14 was a varial

  6. Raza says:

    People better take notes! This is the third rider to stomp that Hardflip bs revert. Its a thing now!

  7. chase.n says:

    ^ghetto bird^

  8. Jake says:

    Heavy afterbangs man.

  9. this dude is coming up putting in mad work shits HEAVY, mad inspiritaional oskar

  10. incentive says:

    flawless art direction …

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